Nu’est to debut in China as Nu’est-M with new member Jason

Hello Everyone, It has been a while since i wrote anything here. I’ve been on a holiday to London with my family and I’ve been busy with school.

Anyways, Some days ago I read that Pledis was going to work together with chinese Yuehua entertainment (Yuehua is home to various artists, including Hangeng <3) I wish them all the best and I think Pledis did a smart move. With pledis debuting seventeen soon, having this collaboration might help them get recognition and popularity when debuting in China.

When I read the news about Nu’est-M and Jason I got quite shocked. I did not see that coming. Before Nu’est Jason was a part of the duo JL together with Leo. He is a rapper and compose his own music. I do not know if he still is a part of JL or not. Both of them are 88-liners, that make Jason the oldest one in Nu’est. Jason seem good and I hope this member addition work out well. I hope everyone get along together and none of the members will feel like he gets overshadowed.

Some people act like the M belong to SM, I just hope Nu’est-M get any antis of hate because of that

For some reason, when I watched their mv’s Leo catched my attention. Leo attended Shanghai Theater Academy majoring in ballet. If JL has disbanded I wonder what will happen to him. If he goes solo, I will be sure to check him out.


Kim Jaejoong first album WWW preordered + tracklist

KIM JAE JOONG 1st Album Vol 1 - WWW : WHO, WHEN, WHY CD + Poster + Mini Calendar Photocard

Hello everyone, Jaejoong’s first full is now available for pre ordering. Finally, because I was afraid I was not able to pre-order it. I’m in London next week when it’s released and by experience I know Jaejoong’s albums tend to sell out on the first day. So I’m happy I was able to pre-order it to assure I get my copy.

Sunny day was such a beautiful song.  Jaejoong has a beautiful voice that fits most genres.  Sad that he won’t be able to promote or peform the song on tv. I’m so happy that even though that he sells good and I hope WWW will also do weel.

The album conatains many different genres so I’m looking forward to listen to listen to it. Here is the tracklist.

작사/김재중 작곡/정재엽 편곡/정재엽

02.Don’t Walk Away (Feat.용준형 Of Beast)
작사/김재중 작곡/TEXU 편곡/TEXU

03.Just Another Girl
작사/김재중,D.Brown,성현 백무현 작곡/D.Brown,
성현 백무현 편곡/D.Brown,성현 백무현

작사/김재중 작곡/회장님,2JAJA 편곡/회장님

05. Rotten Love
작사/김재중 작곡/김재중,권빈기 편곡/권빈기

06.햇살 좋은 날 (Feat, 이상곤 Of 노을)
작사/성현 백무현 작곡/성현 백무현 편곡/성현 백무현

07.Let The Rhythm Flow
작사/김재중 작곡/TEXU 편곡/TEXU

작사/김재중 작곡/김재중 편곡/김재중

09.Now Is Good
작사/윤도현 작곡/윤도현 편곡/추승엽

작사/김재중 작곡/김재중 편곡/권빈기,장인석

11.Luvholic (Feat.하동균)
작사/김태완 작곡/김태완,251,High J 편곡/김태완,251,High J

12.Modem Beat

작사/김재중 작곡/김재중,박 일 편곡/박 일

Now I can continue to expand my Jaejoong album collection 🙂

The chepest place to buy it seems to  be kpoptown

Last but not least, my best wishes to you oppa! Sarang hae ❤

I do not own the picture

Shinee Everybody Review

Hello Everyone, This time I will write my thoughts about Shinee’s comeback Everybody. Like I said, I won’t have as much time this year as last year. My goal is to update my blog at least once a week.

At first when saw the teaser photos with them wearing those sun big black hats, I was like NOOOO, please SM please don’t give them any weird concept. I’m a Shawol but honestly, I didn’t really like the concept for “Dream girl” or “Why so serious”

I was pleasantly surprised by Everybody. It feels a little like something Super Junior would release. Often I have to listen to the song  a couple of times before I can give an opinion, but I liked Everybody right away.

The only english I heard in the song was everybody, it was pronounced good so no complains about weird english.

The MV is the usual SM style, dancing in an oddly lit room, but there are some scenes with them singing and dancing next to black and white stuff, like giant chess pieces and sculptures.

All of them look good in their military styled uniform. The Everybody dance is also really good and cool.

Minho is getting more singing lines, I’m so happy for  him. I know he can sing but many doesn’t. Go Minho oppa, show them you can sing!

Lastly, There are parts in the MV where Taemin dance in a fur jacket next to some kind of black shiny thing, and he is shirtless o.o

He also dyed his hair black, which I really like, Is it just me or is Taemin getting hotter and hotter for each comeback?

Also. check out the album highlight below

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2 Strawberry Choux

Hello Everyone, Time to post another review. This time I will review a Etude house product.

I’ve been quite busy since I’m in ninth school year. In Sweden, the ninth year is the last year before “Gymnasiet”(the secondary school in Sweden, kinda like a mix between high school and college). You have to study hard, because the grades in the ninth are very important. If you can attend the school and program of your choice depend on those grades.


SPF 25 PA++

This light and fluffy makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.

How to use

Smooth over the entire face for a choux cream-like soft smooth complexion.

Price Around 10-20$

Fragrance: Yummy, smells like strawberry/strawberry jam. Considering this is the Strawberry choux, I assume the mint choux will smell like mint and the peach coux will smell like peaches.

My Thoughts

All I can say is wow, I love it! I almost never use a base/primer because my previous experience with those products have been that they aren’t that good. With them being not that good I just thought they were a waste of time. They products I used might only have been bad because this Etude House product convinced me that maybe I should use a base.

The colour of the product is pink. At first I was worried that the colour might not fit me. Luckily I was wrong. When blended out the colour match well with my skin tone.My skin just looks a little bit lighter than usual and with a bit of pearl. A warning though, my skin tone is a little lighter than it appears on the pictures. The base matched my skin tone but it might not fit all.

I love the fragrance. The formula is so light and fluffy, it is so easy to apply and just glides on the skin. When touching it, my skin feels like silk, so soft and moistened. Because of the base, after a though day, my makeup still looks good.

Rating 5/5 This product is so good it made me rethink about using a primer/base

Kpop Thoughts EP 2: WIN Who is next

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the who is next competition going on.

I feel really sad watching the show knowing that one of the teams will not be able to debut. I mean all of them have so much potential and talent. When watching the show you can really feel their emotions and the hard trainee life. The stress the have to endure and their tears when not being succesful is just heartbreaking.

I’m a bit more biased towards Team A than Team B. That is because I feel in love with Jinwoo’s voice (in the first episode when he sang “As long as you love”) and that Mino is an awesome rapper.

As it looks right now, I feel that Team B have gotten more popularity and they will probably be the team that gets to debut. Right from the beginning, B.I and Bobby got a lot of attention and popularity. On the internet and among international fans it seems like Team be is the most popular.

On the other hand, in Korea,Team A seems to be a little more popular. We have to remember that Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon had fans from the beginning that might vote Team A.

If Team B debuts, I’m a little worried about Team A. What will happen to them? The might debut 4 years later but I think it might be to late. They are the older ones. Kim Jinwoo was born 1990 which means he will be 27/28 when he gets to debut. That is the time when as an idol you, should start to think about your enlistment in the army. Even if he enlists later, he might only have like 2 years togheter with is group before enlistment.

If they don’t get to debut and get kicked out of YG entertainment, another agency might pick them up. But still they will never be Team A again. Why? Because Kang SeungYoon is still signed as a solo artist under YG entertainment. The rules are, if KSY’s team doesn’t win he will be a solo artist.

OT11 is also really popular and a lot of fans are hoping both of them will debut (including me), I think maybe they shoulde debut as two subgroups of one big group, Exo-K and Exo-M.

In the end YG might troll us and do something unexpected. ..

Finally Back!!! ^_^

Hello Everyone, I’m finally back with a new post. My computer is back from IT now, I can’t belive it took over 1 month for them to change the battery  -_-

In this post I’m just going to say I’m back again. I will do a real post tomorrow. In this month, many things have happened. Like, I ordered new albums from Yesasia and I’m wating for a signed album to arrive.

PS. While I’m writing this post I’m listening to Super Junior M’s album “Breakdown”. That’s one of the albums I have bought. It is my first ever Super Junior album :), I think it’s great, really really great, a mix between ballads and happy songs and catchy cool. I’m actually surprised because this isn’t what I expected. If you have some money over, I really recommend buying it.

KPOP Superfan test with Simon and Martina

Hello Everyone, Simon and Martina did a really funny segment in KMM. For all kpop fans, test your know about kpop group members.

I got 120 points. I didn’t even know that I knew that many group members. I guess I just catch up their names easily.

How did you manage?